The 30th Anniversary of the Wall’s Downfall

In November 2019, we created a comprehensive photography exhibition on the history of the Berlin Wall in the Mall of Berlin. The highlight thereof was a life-size replica of a GDR watchtower. In addition, we erected nearly 20 meters of genuine Wall sections and anti-tank traps, all of which resulted in a fascinating visual ensemble of history. We thank our neighbours at the Mall of Berlin for their help and co-operation.

'Don't say anything on the phone'

In early January 2016, the artistic group ÜB3R installed telephone modules in the gunports of our GDR watchtower, for use by its visitors. They played original telephone conversations recorded by STASI agents, organized by topic. We thank the Stasi records authority BStU for providing the recordings.

25 Years of Reunification

In May 2015, Berlinwallexpo presented a new exhibition in the Potsdamer Arkaden entitled “25 Years of Reunification – The Berlin Wall”. Impressive exhibits, displays and historical photographs depicted the lives of Berliners in the East and West both during and after the division of Germany. The temporary exhibition ran until October of the same year, and was a large public success.

The exhibition, deliberately designed to appeal to the masses, featured such iconic imagery of Germany history as the photo of fleeing border guard Conrad Schumann, or of Peter Fechter, who was shot at the Wall in August 1962, his blood staining the line at the border.

The showing reflected on topics such as the Wall as a border line, upheaval in the GDR, the opening of the border, the first free elections, and the eventual growing-together of both German states.

The 25th Anniversary of the Wall’s Downfall

In September 2014, an comprehensive exhibition entitled “The 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s Downfall” was presented in the Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. The exhibition documented the lives of those in the Wall’s shadow, depicting their daily lives during Germany’s division.

A half-sentence spoken at an East Berlin press conference in 1989 changed the world. That night, East Berliners forced the border crossings open. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the division of Germany and the time of the Cold War came to an end.

The exhibition contained a replica of the neighbouring GDR watchtower at Erna-Berger-Straße. The films shown there are UNESCO World Heritage media, and lend a unique perspective into the history of the Berlin Wall.

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